Category 5 Hosting

Welcome to the Category 5 Hosting!
Here at Category 5 Hosting, we're a brand new virtual hosting company out of Dallas TX. We plan to keep businesses of all sizes especially family owned connected one server at a time while maintaining transparency and holding constitutional virtues.

Why should I choose Category 5 Hosting to host my services?
At Category 5 Hosting our hardware is 100% owned; Every cable, server, and screw belongs to Category 5 Hosting. With servers backed by powerful SSD drives, You'll notice incredibly fast load times compared to the normal HDD drives most companies offer! We guarantee 99.9% service uptime on all hosting plans, and should we fail to deliver this for any given calendar month, you can request credits to be applied to your account!

You may be asking yourself, "What makes Category 5 Hosting stand out from other hosting companies?"
The answer is simple! We specialize in affordable Colocation and Dedicated Server rentals. We're not here to take your money and upscale prices, we're here to guarantee high performance services at a fraction of the cost that name brand hosting companies offer.

Come try out Category 5 Hosting today! You won't be disappointed!
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