Terms of Service/Use

WildFyr Development TOS

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY. Saying things like "I didn't know that was in the ToS" Does not fly and is not a valid response to breaking any tick on this ToS. You also have to accept this ToS before checking out stateing that you read and understand it.

1 - All sales are final and refunds will not be given unless under specific permission from WildFyr Development. Our refund policy state that any order less then a week old, and has not previously been downloaded, is eligable for a refund. Please open a ticket if you meet these requirements and would like to request a refund.

2 - Reselling or Redistribution of any of my products is not allowed and you will be blacklisted from purchasing any of my products. Any and all files uploaded to FiveM/RageMP/AltV servers MUST have the customer be part of the server, if the customer leaves the server has 1 week from the date of leaving to remove and destroy any and all copies of the assets from WildFyr Development. Failure to abide by this will result in a blacklist of all members who have file access or are high staff command.

3 - Do NOT DM Members for Support or to purchases, you should only be opening a ticket at support.wildfyr.net.

4 - You are over 16 or you have permission from someone over 18 to purchase my products. You also have the authorization to use the card you are paying with.

5 - I have the right to remove/blacklist you at any point for any reason.

6 - "Leaking" any of my products (Or other products) it strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate blacklist from processing my products. You are responsible for your downloaded files and if you send them to your server devs and they leak it you are still at fault. You will also be blacklisted from PTD and TP along with reports to all other major ban databases.

7 - Any item purchased for a custom order will be added to the total of your charge (Mostly for vehicles things like lighting packages, base models, rims, etc)

8 - You will not rip my models or textures in anyway, doing so will result in an immediate blacklist

9 - You will not edit any textures in the .YTD (vehicles you can change the livery files) EUP packs come as is and will not be altered. EUP Items such as badge kits and custom models can be changed, any questions please open a support.wildfyr.net ticket and ask first. Failure to comply with this rule will result in an immediate blacklist.

10 - Unlocked models will not be converted to any other game other then GTA V unless specified by WildFyr.

The digital products sold and made by WildFyr Development are artistic rendition of emergency vehicles. WildFyr Development is not endorsed, affiliated or sponsored by any and all manufacturers whose names appear in any forum on said digital goods. Copyright and trademark of said names and logos are owned by the respected original owners. WildFyr Development is not responsible for what these pieces of art are used for after they are purchased.

After reading and understanding the TOS you are agreeing to follow and respect all the rules listed above. If you violate any of the above items you understand that you WILL loose access to purchase from WildFyr Development and any updates to products you have already purchased.