Los Santos Department of Justice

Los Santos Department of Justice Roleplay

Hello and welcome to LSDOJRP, we are a server that has been around for quite some time now but in September of 2021 had a complete overhaul, new owners, management, staff, everything. With this overhaul we have opened up a new era of LSDOJRP, if you are a new member or one from the original days we welcome you with open arms as here we all want the same thing, to be able to RP with each other!

What We offer
➥ Friendly Community
➥ Paid Custom Vehicles and Maps
➥ Openings in LEO, Fire, EMS, DOT, DOC, and more in Applied CIV
➥ Friendly and helpful server staff
➥ Featured Custom Content by WildFyr Modifications
➥ TeamSpeak RTO
➥ Applied Civilian custom cars

We are always looking for new members and for people to join departments so make sure to check us out today!

• Discord ⇢ https://discord.lsdojrp.org
• Server IP ⇢
• CAD ⇢ https://cad.lsdojrp.org
• Website ⇢ https://www.lsdojrp.org