Maine State Roleplay

What is Maine State Roleplay?
Maine State Roleplay is a fully whitelisted server that was created in early 2022, we just fully opened In Early March.
Maine State Roleplay’s goal is to has professional Roleplays scenes daily and regularly, and that starts with you!
In this server we have

⬤ Team speak RTO
⬤ Awesome Easy To Use Cad
⬤ High quality LEO, Fire, DOT, And Civ Vehicles
⬤ 1 of 1 custom irl livery’s!
⬤ 1 of 1 custom irl EUP!
⬤ vMenu based with working phone!
⬤ Dedicated staff!
⬤ in game cad integration (tablet)
⬤ We Have 2 Leo departments open at this time and 1 Fire department. Those departments are,
⬤ York County Sheriff Office, who is always looking for a some great deputies to fill in some spots for Sheriff Hayden,
⬤ Maine State Police is also looking for some troopers for Colonel S. Conor,
⬤ Portland Fire Department, has plenty of seats left on the engine! (or medic).

In the future when we grow we plan and open Portland Pd, Sanford PD, Cumberland County SO, and Maine DOT. So If you want a great RP server come on and join.