Open a custom order ticket!

Please note: This is only making a patch vector into a stitched variant. I will also make the vector if you don't already have one. This will be an extra, for simple patches $10, more complex ones will be $15-$25 depending on the complexity.

Custom patches:

Plain Text: $3
Coloured Text: $5 (Extra colours are $2 a piece)

Logos start at: $5 (Comes with 2 colours)
$3 per each colour added

If I create your vector logo, you can also purchase that for half the price of the patch. (If the patch is $20, the vector image would be $10)

Other: open a ticket and specify what it is you're looking for in a patch and custom orders will be created
If you are getting a custom patch made for an EUP commission, the custom made patch will be 50% off!

Custom Made Patches