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Lots of EUP Dev Files


:::info FINALLY OUT!!! ::: :::success You are allowed to resell these items in a LOCKED format. please credit WildFyr Development in t...

2022 Civilian Plow Package


Bring on the snow this 2022 year with the WildFyr Development Civilian Plow Package! These trucks you know so well are fitted with Fisher Pl...

Cowboy Hat


A really sexy Cowboy hat. Totally worth it let me tell you. Comes with 5 extra textures ::: danger YOU MAY NOT SELL THIS RESOURCE UNLESS...

2022 3500 Pickup-FF DOT Command Truck


DOT Command Truck made by WildFyr Development. Livery inspiration by Redneck's 2022 DOT Pack find it here

2022 Taxi Pack


It's time to give your old rusting taxi's an upgrade, with the brand new taxi pack by WildFyr Development. This taxi pack includes 11 vehicl...

F/A-18C Hornet Blue Angels US Navy Display Team Add-on FiveM Ready 2.0.0


Original mod by SkylineGTRFreak on GTA5-Mods Converte...

Civilian UTV v2


Perfect for the farm or fun, this ATV is great for all ages 16 and up Model Status: **LOCKED**...

Custom EUP


:::info Open a custom order ticket! ::: You pick: Colours, Patches, Logos, Fonts, Shirts, Pants, etc. Open a ticket to discuss and start ...

Fisher Plow DEV Commercial


It's Fisher Plow month, all month long at the O'Connor Auto Park! and it's time for your trucks to have plow too, with this dev model by Wil...

WildFyr Development Sweatshirt


Just a little CIV male and female sweatshirt with WildFyr Modifications on it. It was a Customer only release but I have now listed it up he...